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Kotokan is for

Practice Maths, take risks, make mistakes and, eventually, become a powerful problem-solvers.

Privacy MATTERS! We don’t store personal information from children.

Creative problem-solving

Our focus is not on what children learn, but how they learn. We foster risk-taking and strategies to analyse, break-down and visualise information in problems.

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Growth mindset to prevent math-anxiety

For maths and for life, developing a growth mindset is good good for all kinds of learners. Through hard work, good strategies and feedback from others, they’ll achieve more.

Social and collaborative learning

Every child learns differently, but most of them learn better socially. Kotokan pursues social learning and collaboration through maths.

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Fun and meaningful content

We try making content that is close to the students likes and preferences. This way they feel more keen to learn and feeling that maths are practical.

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Full overview

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Hints and support

Some children need more help than others. We use contextual and thematic hints to support them right there, when they face the problems.

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Gamify, but not too much

To make them engage Kotokan is like a game, but is not a candy-like game that rewards everything to keep them connected.

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Paper-like experience

Our app is designed to encourage hand-writing and note-taking, to allow children applying what they learn in Kotokan on books, exams and homework!

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Be careful with screen-time

It is your decision how much screen-time is too much. Some children need more time to learn, but all of them learn a lot with no-screens at all.

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Homeschooling & tutoring

We are working on a version for families who want their children to reinforce maths and develop thinking-skills. Please fill this form for parents and caregivers if you’re interested in early access to this version.