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Our maths-problems platform allows you to teach maths-for-thinking in a fun, playful, insightful way. All free-for-teachers!

Make maths fun!

Your curriculum, you’re covered

If you don't find what you need, you can create new content in Kotokan. Plus, we’re adding new content every week.

You’ll find lots of grouped maths problems, all organized by grade and category.

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Teach them problem-solving strategies

Kotokan teaches strategies to analyze, break-down and visualize information in problems. Through practice children may solve problems of increasing complexity.

For teachers, by teachers

Kotokan is a platform created for teachers. Our contents are developed by teachers and experts. We are willing to build a community of teachers to fulfil our mission.

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Purposeful maths

The moment most children disengage from Maths is when it becomes abstract and they don’t understand “What it’s for”, or how it connects to their own life. We use storytelling and content customisation to keep children engaged.

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Full overview

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Different types of questions

Numerical, short-text, single or multiple-choice and open-ended questions will allow you to validate if a student can solve and really understands.

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Explanations to guide them

Some challenges have short pedagogical lessons to remind your students key contents. You’ll soon be able to edit and add your own explanations.

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Follow up at a glance

You’ll see how all the students are performing in each challenge, if they’ve done the problems or they are missing.

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Rate open-ended questions

You can rate from 0 to 10 the problems that require your students to explain a solution. You can do it fast or you can take time to review carefully.

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